July: Monthly roundup

Birthday celebrations

July started with a bang in the form of my son’s 3rd birthday. We didn’t do anything major for it, just blew out candles and opened presents in front of the grandparents but because my boy knows what birthdays are now it was really special. He hasn’t stopped singing Happy Birthday since though!


Cinema trip…pin’!

How expensive is cinema!? Saw Spiderman: Homecoming at Cineworld in Parrs Wood. I haven’t been to the complex in years, that coupled with me having turned into an old lady left me shocked and confused that there were no humans to buy tickets from, instead we were forced to spend almost £30 on two adult and one child tickets to a later showing because we were five minutes late to our original choice. Anyway, back to the film- I think it made Spiderman look like a chump but overall it was a good film, funny in parts and of course the boy loved it and has been flicking imaginary spidey web from his wrists ever since.

A couple of weeks later we finally saw Despicable M3 which wasn’t great but AMC cinema in central Manchester had a human that gave us a family ticket which was £10 cheaper (so meant more popcorn).

Me time

I was able to grab an hour for myself on a Saturday morning and used it to attend my first parkrun in almost a year. I’m glad to report that not much has changed regarding my time and I ran a minute quicker the following week which was great.

Family fun

‘Me time’ was short-lived and so it was back to *Operation Entertain the Kid this time with a visit to Jurassic Kingdom at Philips Park in east Manchester. The bigger kid was scared at first but getting him to sit on a dinosaur bench and a little ride on another soon warmed him up to those magnificent beasts.

We ended July on a high by going to see Paw Patrol Live!. I think I was more excited than the kids but we all had a great time (despite me refusing to spend £15 on a light with a sticker of a dog on it, memorabilia ain’t what it used to be) followed by homemade pizza and, you guessed it, more episodes of Paw Patrol.


I hope you enjoyed this post, whenever you get to read it. I imagine we’ll be in the thick of the summer holidays by the time it goes live and I’ll be as behind as ever.

* this will be referred to as OpEK from now on.


Monthly roundup: The official first one

Hi folks!

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be many consistent monthly roundups.

I was inspired by all of the amazing blogs I read to try my hand at a regular post just updating you on the ins and outs of my life. I’m a little apprehensive because 1) I’m really not a sharer and 2) I don’t have anything to share, I’m boring as!

Buttt I really think it’s a great way to keep content regular, so this along with Blogs I Rate (which WILL be back this month) means there’ll be a valid reason to stop by my little corner of t’internet at least once a month.

So… I’m still slowly getting back into the swing of things after the passing of my beloved nana. It’s weird because I’m getting by daily and doing things but overall it feels like I’m not, if that makes sense? Like I’ll wake up and get dressed and sort my kids out and run my home but at the end of a long tiring day I still feel empty and incomplete and like I haven’t achieved anything…I think it’s because I’d usually spend at least an hour every evening with my nana and also because I’m not doing anything for myself which brings me onto my next topic…


So at 4 months old my newborn isn’t so new anymore and I’m trying to get into a regular exercise routine. I’ve been going circuit training every week and have been able to go for a run a handful of times. The plan now is to get the baby into a routine that means I can leave him with daddy whilst I go to circuit, zumba and yoga a couple of evenings a week.

My 2 year old is already taking an interest and does squats and floor work with me bless him. I’d eventually like to try making my own videos like those that inspire me on Instagram but I’ve a long way to go before I have that confidence!

I’m also drinking more water. There isn’t much to say about this because there’s sooo much info about the benefits of water out there but I’ve managed to keep up with around 8 glasses a day, usually more and, even more importantly, I’m drinking water only- no fizzy or cordial or sugary fruit juices. I think I’ve noticed a slight difference but I don’t think anything can cure how tired you are when looking after a newborn.

Everything else

As a family, when daddy isn’t working, we’ve been making the most of the good weather by using our local parks. They’re something I really take for granted which is silly because my two year old has hours of fun in them, they’re really beautiful which is good for photos and you don’t realise how much light exercise you’re getting as you stroll around.

My month in photos

And I think that’s it for now. Gosh, this seems pretty rubbish to me but I guess that means these posts can only get better…til next time x

Travel: Day trip to Prestatyn

I thought I’d share with you some photos I took using my phone from a day trip to Prestatyn, Wales.

We went on a whim to join friends for the day who were staying at the Pontins resort.

It took us just over an hour in the car from our front door to theirs which is a really good amount of time, there’s plenty to see on the way too, my little one loved spotting all the sheep and cows and I loved taking in the rolling hills.

Around five minutes before we reached our destination we cane across this designated viewpoint.



I wish I could tell you what this viewpoint is called and how we got there but I wasn’t taking notice of such things whilst taking in all of this natural beauty. The weather was overcast and most of these photos were taken around 8pm, I wanted to stay to watch the sun set but my friend was worried about driving up a ridiculously steep hill in an unfamiliar area in the dark so reason and responsibility won this time.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Wales so this was a lovely day out and next time I go I’ll be sure to take more photos.


Monthly roundup: First post after a hiatus

Hello, it happened again. Been very very quiet on the blog front but with very good reason this time. My nana died. In the short term, we kind of knew it was going to happen but no circumstance can prepare you for the loss of a loved one.

It’s been a long few months, from she went in hospital 22 march, to her passing 23 april to burying her 22may and then it felt as if she was forgotten straight away because the same night of her funeral the awful Manchester bombing happened.

So this monthly roundup post was supposed to happen like four months ago, it was supposed to be much more light-hearted and much more informative but my heart is heavy and I’m not ready to go into detail about personal things just yet.

My plan is to get back to blogging, back to #BlogsIRate (I’m gutted that I couldn’t keep that on time, I was doing so well!) and socialising with fellow bloggers on Twitter.

And I’m slowly but surely getting back to life. I could easily stay in bed all day and definitely need a holiday more than ever but neither of those things can happen right now so my only option is to push through.

See you soon with better, more engaging content x

My breastfeeding experience

My breastfeeding experience

“Fed is best” is a phrase I’ve come across recently as I follow more and more mummy bloggers. It’s a phrase and concept I wholeheartedly agree with. But just because the rational part of me knows that fed is best makes sense, the emotional part of me that is severely lacking in confidence and self belief is constantly berating myself (bad grammar, I know) because my breastfeeding attempts “aren’t good enough” I’m going to tell you about when I first started feeding my second child when he was born two months ago.

I had my son on a Sunday and I was lucky enough be be allowed to bring him home two days later on the Tuesday. The next day, Wednesday, my mums friend came to visit. She kindly did my hair and was just generally giving me advice chatting and keeping me company. It came time to feed my newborn so I put him to my breast when I hear “that titty isn’t full enough, he won’t be getting enough milk.”

“Alright give us a chance to get going will you,” I jokingly replied but in my mind I was already nervous and feeling the pressure of being scrutinised…

“Have you been drinking water? Those titties should be rock hard, the size of your head and almost touching your chin. I don’t think you’ve been getting enough fluid, go and drink a pint of water now and pour yourself a glass of milk to sip on.”

“It’s only been two days, I don’t think my milk has come in properly yet. The midwife said-”

“Never mind the midwife! My titties were huge and my kids fed for half an hour on each side in one sitting. Aw the poor thing is starving. Keep drinking and you should be able to feed him by tonight.”

The pressure was physically showing by this stage as I frantically tried to calm a screaming, allegedly starving, baby whilst holding back tears.

My partner rushed out to by formula, leaving me to listen to this woman harp on about how shit I am (at least that’s what it felt like she was doing). II wasn’t fully listening though, instead I was having an internal dialogue desperately trying to remind myself that my insincts are right- my baby is fine and I’m doing ok.


I’m going to cut this story short and get to the point. The point being that every breastfeeding experience is different and unique. Just like parenthood and definitely like mothers.

I think I’m lucky that my child easily adapts to both breast and bottle. It did used to get to me that I can’t purely breastfeed but I know that if I could, I’d just be complaining about being nothing but a milk machine.

The most important thing is that my son is thriving. He’s healthy and happy and that’s all that matters.


Blogs I rate #3

Blogs I rate #3

Hi and welcome to the third edition of Blogs I rate.

Even though this is only the third one, I am super proud that I’ve managed to keep these posts  around the same time, consistency and punctuality are not my strong points in any aspect of my life so to be able to finally create some organisation is a major achievement for me.

On the downside, this edition of Blogs I Rate it isn’t all I hoped it would be as I haven’t had any time to do much reading of blogs I follow or discover new ones. This doesn’t take away from the quality of the blogs I’m recommending today though.

Let’s get into it.

Some Run

“I want to take this opportunity to thank (in Oscar speech style) those who’ve helped me and put up with me. Notably my Grandparents, who ferried round a teenage me regularly and took me the chippy after every Thursday track session. Also, my now coach and coincidentally soulmate (yes I have one of those, but it’s good, you should get one), Jason, who ferries round the adult me.”

I should point out that this is a blog about running and that is explained but I found the above excerpt hilarious so chose to share that instead. We have the same ‘home’ parkrun! As friendly as parkrun is, it’s near impossible to meet every single one of the hundreds of people that attend this free, timed, weekly run (not race!) So it’s nice to read about it from a fellow parkrunner’s perspective.

The honesty is a refreshing change from the usual stuff out the about how amazing running is, I’m glad I’m not the only person that has a very real love/hate, up and down relationship with running.

The Forgetful Blogger

My name is Daniella. I am 25 years of age (apparently lol).

I suffer with what some may call “blackouts”. It starts off with a headache that becomes severely unbearable and I lose consciousness. When I come back round I tend to lose memory of the past 2 days or so. Dr’s and specialists have no idea what this is or what the reason for it may be.”

Never again will I get annoyed when I go upstairs to get something but forget what it is by the time I reach the last step after reading Daniella’s story.

Aside from the above quip, I have no experience with memory loss and blackouts but it is an intriguing subject that deserves the awareness Daniella is raising. I love that she doesn’t let her condition affect her daily life and am glad I know a little bit more about blackouts.

 Buma’s Closet

“Hi there, I’m Bunmi aka Buma. I have a whole lot of personality in my 5’2 frame.

I started this blog to share my outfits, opinions & whatever pops into this spontaneous head of mine.”

Buma isn’t lying when she says she has a whole lot of personality and it shows in the candid style of her engaging posts. Whether it’s fashion, food or fornication, every young female blogger will find something they can relate to on this blog.

And there it is 🙂 I must say- as I was hurriedly putting together this post on the day it should be published, I really enjoyed reading again the blogs I’ve included. I’ve realised that comedy is the way to my literary heart so if your blog is funny, endearing or just bloody brilliant don’t be afraid to let me know!

Until next time x


The wanderlust is strong

So in my post about York I said I wouldn’t be going away this year but it’s looking like that is going to change.

November will mark 10 years since my partner and I officially became an item and it was always the plan to go away for this.

Having baby number 2 pretty much shattered my dream of a little 10-14 day backpacking tour of Europe (Paris, Rome/Venice, Berlin, Madrid/Barcelona, Amsterdam) and I wasn’t comfortable with bringing a baby under 1 year old on a plane but all of this dreary weather and resulting illness has made me have a rethink.

Apparently babies as young as two weeks old can travel on a plane. I personally would NEVER bring such a young child on a plane but hey ho. An eight month old, which is what this little one will be come November, doesn’t seem so bad.

Though people do travel the world with their little ones, my other half can’t even manage a trip to York without at least two major stress outs along the way, so the thought of being on trains and in hostels etc with the kids as we check out stereotypically popular cities around Europe is quite frankly terrifying.

Rather, I’m happy to settle for a week in the sun in one place.

Here’s where I need your help O wise travel bloggers, mummy bloggers, hoteliers…where is family friendly and warm in November?

This met office site I came across recommended this top 10. The bottom half of the list is quite appealing to me. Have any of you been on a family holiday to any of these places?

A family holiday is nice and all but I’d still like it to be special for me and boo thang (10 years, remember?) So child friendly but great for adults too e.g. a spa or nice restaurant, professional photographer…something he and I can do to truly mark our decade together.

So let me know where you’ve been or would like to go and why.