Blogs I rate #3

Blogs I rate #3

Hi and welcome to the third edition of Blogs I rate.

Even though this is only the third one, I am super proud that I’ve managed to keep these posts  around the same time, consistency and punctuality are not my strong points in any aspect of my life so to be able to finally create some organisation is a major achievement for me.

On the downside, this edition of Blogs I Rate it isn’t all I hoped it would be as I haven’t had any time to do much reading of blogs I follow or discover new ones. This doesn’t take away from the quality of the blogs I’m recommending today though.

Let’s get into it.

Some Run

“I want to take this opportunity to thank (in Oscar speech style) those who’ve helped me and put up with me. Notably my Grandparents, who ferried round a teenage me regularly and took me the chippy after every Thursday track session. Also, my now coach and coincidentally soulmate (yes I have one of those, but it’s good, you should get one), Jason, who ferries round the adult me.”

I should point out that this is a blog about running and that is explained but I found the above excerpt hilarious so chose to share that instead. We have the same ‘home’ parkrun! As friendly as parkrun is, it’s near impossible to meet every single one of the hundreds of people that attend this free, timed, weekly run (not race!) So it’s nice to read about it from a fellow parkrunner’s perspective.

The honesty is a refreshing change from the usual stuff out the about how amazing running is, I’m glad I’m not the only person that has a very real love/hate, up and down relationship with running.

The Forgetful Blogger

My name is Daniella. I am 25 years of age (apparently lol).

I suffer with what some may call “blackouts”. It starts off with a headache that becomes severely unbearable and I lose consciousness. When I come back round I tend to lose memory of the past 2 days or so. Dr’s and specialists have no idea what this is or what the reason for it may be.”

Never again will I get annoyed when I go upstairs to get something but forget what it is by the time I reach the last step after reading Daniella’s story.

Aside from the above quip, I have no experience with memory loss and blackouts but it is an intriguing subject that deserves the awareness Daniella is raising. I love that she doesn’t let her condition affect her daily life and am glad I know a little bit more about blackouts.

 Buma’s Closet

“Hi there, I’m Bunmi aka Buma. I have a whole lot of personality in my 5’2 frame.

I started this blog to share my outfits, opinions & whatever pops into this spontaneous head of mine.”

Buma isn’t lying when she says she has a whole lot of personality and it shows in the candid style of her engaging posts. Whether it’s fashion, food or fornication, every young female blogger will find something they can relate to on this blog.

And there it is 🙂 I must say- as I was hurriedly putting together this post on the day it should be published, I really enjoyed reading again the blogs I’ve included. I’ve realised that comedy is the way to my literary heart so if your blog is funny, endearing or just bloody brilliant don’t be afraid to let me know!

Until next time x


The wanderlust is strong

So in my post about York I said I wouldn’t be going away this year but it’s looking like that is going to change.

November will mark 10 years since my partner and I officially became an item and it was always the plan to go away for this.

Having baby number 2 pretty much shattered my dream of a little 10-14 day backpacking tour of Europe (Paris, Rome/Venice, Berlin, Madrid/Barcelona, Amsterdam) and I wasn’t comfortable with bringing a baby under 1 year old on a plane but all of this dreary weather and resulting illness has made me have a rethink.

Apparently babies as young as two weeks old can travel on a plane. I personally would NEVER bring such a young child on a plane but hey ho. An eight month old, which is what this little one will be come November, doesn’t seem so bad.

Though people do travel the world with their little ones, my other half can’t even manage a trip to York without at least two major stress outs along the way, so the thought of being on trains and in hostels etc with the kids as we check out stereotypically popular cities around Europe is quite frankly terrifying.

Rather, I’m happy to settle for a week in the sun in one place.

Here’s where I need your help O wise travel bloggers, mummy bloggers, hoteliers…where is family friendly and warm in November?

This met office site I came across recommended this top 10. The bottom half of the list is quite appealing to me. Have any of you been on a family holiday to any of these places?

A family holiday is nice and all but I’d still like it to be special for me and boo thang (10 years, remember?) So child friendly but great for adults too e.g. a spa or nice restaurant, professional photographer…something he and I can do to truly mark our decade together.

So let me know where you’ve been or would like to go and why.


Blogs I rate: #2

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Bogs I Rate.

For once I am writing a post in advance so no long intro full of unnecessary information, we can just get straight into which blogs I’m loving this month…

Jamie’s MusesIMG_20170311_001237

“I know there are a lot of lifestyle type blogs out there and I’m sure an awful lot of them are head and shoulders above mine but I just hope you’ll enjoy reading about me and the little drama’s that come together to form my life.”

The refreshing Jamie is new to the blogging scene. I love when people create new blogs because it means blogging is still popular and worthwhile, not dying out like print journalism has. Unfortunately so many of us (myself included) describe our corner of the internet as “just another” lifestyle blog but everybody’s lifestyle is different and unique which means what we choose to write about is different and unique and therefore worth sharing and being read. So keep it up Jamie!

Okoto Enigma


“Hey guys. I am Okoto Oke Enigma. I really don’t have much to say about myself. Well, I’m a first time blogger; and I enjoy blogging, a lot. I created this blog for so many reasons; and it means a lot to me. I hope to someday be a professional blogger; that’s the dream.”

At just six months old, Okoto is going from strength to strength and has already bought her domain 🙂 

Omas Serendipity


“Hello, my name is Ihuoma. I’m many things but I’ll let you in on the major ones—Christian, 3D Architectural Designer, food, literature and music enthusiast, joker and best aunty to the most adorable girl in the whole wide world. Her other aunties will tell you otherwise but don’t believe them. Please make yourself comfortable, read and enjoy.”

I love reading about what this Nigerian girl gets up to. I think reading blogs is a great way to experience the every day life of people around the world. It’s easy to forget that places aren’t just happy go lucky tourist attractions as we can be led to believe via other social networks that only reveal a snapshot of the ‘best bits’.

And that’s it! Go check out these blogs, let me know if you agree with my thoughts and LEAVE YOUR LINKS 🙂

Byee x

Happy Anniversary to me


Just as I finished writing my last post I realised that my archives date back to February 2011. I cringe at my early work on this blog so I clicked on February with trepidation, anxious about what terrible writing I was about to read.

It wasn’t that terrible. I really don’t recommend you have a gander but it’s not that bad. What did catch my eye, though was my very first post. Dated 15 February 2011, the five sentences that formed my first ever post revealed so much. Back then I was in my final year of university, hoping to become a journalist and had two blogs on the go. This blog was supposed to be purely journalism related- safe to say  that’s changed!

This self-love trip I’m currently trying to be on must be working because instead of looking at all of my “failed” plans I only see how and why those plans have changed and mostly for the better.

From Feb ’11 to June ’13 my posts were fairly regular and predominantly journalism related as promised. The link to that other blog I mentioned is now defunct and I don’t actually remember what was even on that blog. I do remember though that I started a third blog that is still around even though I don’t write on it.

That third blog is the first positive thing of the last six years. It was quite successful, even resulting in a paid feature in a national magazine.

Then in June 2013 I disappeared until January 2014 where I posted just once in almost two years 😮

Why? Because life. Like, literally, because life.

On 31 July 2013 my beloved uncle Tony lost his life to an asthma attack. My family is very, very close (he was more like a dad to my brothers and I) so his sudden death rocked us to our core. I’m not one for writing publicly about my personal life and even if I was, looking after my family took precedent over everything else, especially writing.

A few months later, in October, I created life, falling pregnant with my son. This I had planned to blog about hence the hint in my one and only post of 2014 but again, a lot changed. I told my nana (who raised me and is pretty much my mum) my news and she said she would help me with the new baby but just six months later I found myself heavily pregnant visiting her in hospital or the care home she was temporarily in as the dementia she developed after the death of her son (my uncle) took a hold.

So there I was in July 2014 with a brand new baby and though I had my amazing partner and lots of family and friends, I didnt have my nana. My close- knit family’s tradtion of the matriarch showing us newbies all the tried and tested methods of motherhood wasn’t meant to be. I was essentially on my own, still grieving for my uncle, worrying about my nana and trying to prove myself at work (which is a whole other blog post in itself).

So blogging took a major backseat whilst I readjusted to my new life.

November 2015 saw me come back with a bang and I put up two posts in two days and stayed consistent through to February 2016.

Reading back on those posts reminds me that no matter what’s going on in your life, after a certain low point (which is at a different level for everyone) eventually the only way is up.

I noticed in my posts that I became less apologetic for not posting regularly and the content of my (rare) posts was better in that they included my own original photos and were more positive and about things I enjoy i.e. travel and photography.

So here we are, six years of writing (or not) and like an actual relationship, my blog and I have had our ups and downs but ultimately it has been my constant, always there when I come back after many a hiatus, passing no judgement, just welcoming me with open arms.

To conclude, this anniversary literally is a “happy” one. I’ve never noticed in previous years but I’m here this time, actively blogging and my stats reflect my work. I’ve gained more followers this year so far than the whole six years put together. I really am happy- both in the blogging world and in other areas of my life and long may that continue.


So I popped out a baby…

Popped/pooped who knows, whichever it was I did it. On 26 feb 2017 I gave birth to a boy weighing 8lb2oz 🙂

Me being me, I am missing blogging and everything that comes with it so this is just a quick post to say “hi, I’m still here!”

Suffice to say, blogging is likely to take a bit of a back seat (again) for the next few weeks whilst I create a whole new routine and get back to being myself.

It’s frustrating because I have a couple of posts pending but I can’t finish them on my phone so they’re just there, waiting to be made suitable for reading. In brighter news,  Blogs I Rate is still on for the 14th of this and every month so if you want a shout out, leave those links!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I have to get back to this parenting malarkey but I will be back soon(ish)!


Blogs I rate: #1

Blogs I rate: #1

So since my last post I actually ended up taking yet another unplanned break from blogging 😦 this time due to illness; a fortnight of barely being able to move.

I lay in my bed thinking of my dwindling statistics and feeling utterly pathetic. But right up until last night I was still reading and discovering bloggers and their great pages and one occurring theme was taking a break.

From established bloggers who post multiple times a week for their hundreds of followers to the newbies or part-timers like myself, so many of you take a hiatus or suffer from ‘bloggers block’ it made me realise I am not alone or as much of a flake as I feel.

I guess I just have to remember that ultimately I am writing in this space for me; any readers, good stats and comments/likes are a bonus.

I’ve had the idea to write this post since the beginning of the year and for one reason or another it never transpired but I think the Blogging Gods must have planned it this way because what better time to share the love than Valentine’s Day 🙂

So, without further explanation, let’s get in to what this post was originally about.

Blogs I’m loving this month

Every Sunday I join lots of other  bloggers on Twitter for ‘chats’. These great group discussions are a way of bringing bloggers together to discuss a weekly theme of the host accounts choosing. These chats aren’t just for bloggers but at the end of the hour there is usually the opportunity to leave a link to your blog/website/social media account.

My favourite part of these chats is staying up long after the hour is over and perusing all of those new blogs! Sometimes a like or comment just wont do so this is where I plan to show some love and appreciation to those blogs that catch my eye.

Ideally I’d do one of these posts every fortnight but realistically its going to be once a month. I guess it’ll be  on the 14th of each month now.

Ramblings of Ms Mimi


“British/Nigerian, tall, semi-light female in her mid-20s, willing to let you into her world…..”

This straight to the point bio should reveal just how funny and real this woman is. I’m yet to read a post I can’t relate to.

Memoirs & Musings


“I don’t want this to become a typical beauty or fashion blog, even though I am interested in those subjects, I want to discuss it from a different angle – my angle. So the predominant category for my blog would be lifestyle, writing about my life and the styles I like through food, fashion, music, travel and anything else that crosses my path.”

The photos, the travel, the inspiration! This blog gives me life, lol.

And that’s it! Do check out these lovely ladies, it’s amazing where reading fellow bloggers’ work can take you.

Also, be sure to drop a link to your blog in the comments, you could feature on ‘Blogs I Rate’ next month 🙂

Thanks for reading


Back for good…for now



So there I was, getting serious about blogging (again), really really promoting it via my social media and everything and then BAM! A major wobble overwhelmed me.


For reasons I’d rather not go into, I found myself questioning if blogging/writing/journalism was for me. It wasn’t just my writing that I was questioning but my life choices, if what I was doing and trying to do was for the best, not necessarily for me but for my child.


So I went back quiet on Twitter, I stopped posting my photography and blog excerpts on Instagram, I didn’t contact any of the people and publications I said that I would and I stopped ‘writing’ potential blog posts and articles in my head.


One thing I didn’t stop doing, though, was reading. I didn’t stop clicking on the emails from the blogs I’ve subscribed to, I couldn’t stop browsing the #journorequest and #bloggerswanted tags on Twitter or taking part in the many discussions by bloggers for bloggers on said network and I didn’t stop admiring the work of all of you beautiful bloggers.


And so it’s with that that I realise that no matter what I’m doing, I can’t not write…if that makes sense. Writing is my passion and whether it pays or not, whether anybody gets to read my words or not, it is something that I just have to do for myself. For my peace of mind and happiness.


I guess this post is just me telling any readers out there that I won’t be going anywhere any time soon and when/if I take another hiatus, I’ll definitely be back!


Stay tuned for more interesting and in depth posts, they won’t all be rambling rants like this, I promise! I’m going to stop questioning myself and living in fear (that my blog is crap) and just get on with it.


So I’ll ‘see’ you very soon