I’m going to see a careers advisor tomorrow. I can feel already that it is going to turn in to a counselling session; ‘why have the last three years gone so quickly?’ ‘what should I do with my life now?’ I hope she has some answers, or at least helps me find some.

On Wednesday I’m going to a National Union of Journalists (NUJ) meeting where I will get to speak to some people in the industry. Hopefully this will give some insight and inspiration in to what I want to do with my future and how to go bout it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


And so it begins…

Last week I discovered a website called The Graduate. It’s a website aimed at university graduates who are now looking for a job, a career even. I took a look and was very impressed with the amount of suitable careers for me. Usually with these job search engines there are about five out of 150 jobs that are 100% suitable to all of your criteria, i.e. area, salary, hours, job description etc.

But not this tim. This time every job was spot on, considering my search was admittedly vague. All I knew was that I wanted to work in the media in Manchester for no less that 15,000 pa. Lo and behold, every job was in Manchester, most were well over the 15,000 mark and all were something to do with the media.

Looking at all of these jobs made me realise that there is so much more media work out there and that if I want to work as soon as possible, rather than wasting my degree working in a restaurant, I would have to give up on my dream of writing as a journalist for a newspaper.

So in the spur of the moment, I applied for a job with an advertising company since my dissertation is about advertising. I was pleasantly surprised when the company called and emailed me the very next day and interviewed me on the phone. Unfortunately they’re looking for people who are available to start immediately but they seemed genuine when they  said they would keep my CV on file and be in touch in May and I have their contact details now so I could always call them.

This little event has greatly encouraged me to continue working hard at my studies, now that I know there are jobs out there and that a company would truly consider taking me on. I’m going to carry on looking and be a pro at job applications and interviews by Summer.

Watch this space!

Little Update

Just thought I’d say a quick hello…

I’v not been posting on eithr of my blogs lately as I’m completely bogged down in all my uni work 😦 My dissertation seems to be taking forever and I have many other reports and assignments to write. I had a role- play assessment yesterday, I think it went pretty well but I won’t find out until next week and I got the results back for a previous exam…the results weren’t great :/

I figured that if I get 60s and 70s in everything from now on I should be able to get that coveted 2:1…fingers crossed! I also found out that I get my overall degree grade on 20 June! A date I won’t be forgetting!

More interesting posts to follow soonish

Bye for now xx

“I’m Not A Businessman I’m A Business, Man!!”


During one of my daily ‘thoughts and wories’ sessions where I think and worry about my life after uni I came up with the idea of a ‘business’ card. I say ‘business’ because I don’t actually have one…more that I am one…sort of.

Let me explain…

I thought that whilst I am doing work placements and looking for a job why not have a card. That way when my placement is over I could leave a card on the staff noticeboard or whatever and when a temp is needed they would see my card and remember how great I was. With the amount of media folk I talk to in my restauarant alone surely someone somewhere would need a temporary PA, assistant editor, skivvy…it’s all experience and eventually one would turn in to a full time postition.

Surely this would be better than scribbling down my details on a piece of scrap paper that  could easily be lost. Instead I could seem all professional and say, “here, take my card”.

It would have my contact details and credentials on and say that I am available for work…kind of like a compact CV.

Good? Bad? Desperate???