New Magazine

I went to Leeds, West Yorkshire, yesterday where i met a man called Anthony. He is an entrepreneur who is currently conducting several projects simultaneously and on of the is the Miss Black Yorkshire Beauty Pageant. Anthony told me about a magazine that is to be launched at the pageant and I am going to be contributing to it. It is a new quarterly magazine aimed at black people as there are very little publications in Britain for this market. I met the head of the magazine project, Antonia, who briefed me on where the magazine was up to so far. There is a lot to be done by the July release date. It’s going to be a rush, stressful and very hard to make a brilliant publication in such a short amount of time but I’m positive that it can be done.

Watch this space for more info.


The End is Nigh

I have my first and final exam tomorrow and the my life as a full- time university student is over. Time to go out in to the real world and get a job.

I have been looking and since writing a dissertation on advertising in local newspapers my eyes have been opened to another career in the media. So as well as¬†journalistic jobs I’ve been looking in to advertising. There’s a lot of marketing and sales type jobs out there and I have even had call backs for two that I applied for…but I’m yet to get back to them. I know that in this current climate I can’t afford to be picky and that any job is better than no job but I just can’t bring myself to pursue something I’m not passionate about.

¬†I was all set to call back one of the companies today but then I organised a meeting with the organiser of Miss Black Yorkshire. I’m going to be working with him on the event, there’s a magazine and everything. So whilst I have something to do, and am gaining experience, I’m not going to just settle for any old job.