My voyage in to broadcast journalism

Journalism, journalism, journalism! It’s all I think about, all I want to do.

My latest ideas involve going in to broadcast journalism. There are so many opportunities out there, I’d be a fool not to take advantage, especially with MediaCityUK on my doorstep!

So I intend to apply for a few placements with the BBC, I have to overcome my fear of cameras. I mean, so much has to be done behind the scenes before anyone needs to even think about appearing in front of a camera.

Just because I may not see my work on paper and may not get a byline it doesn’t mean I can’t write news 🙂

I’m attending an information event at Media City on Monday (26 September ’11) about the BBC Journalism Training Scheme that I hope to get a place on, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Work Exp at the Messenger Week 2

I’ve been doing a few pieces for the sports page. I guess they’ll be in this weeks issue. I haven’t had to use any sporty terminology unfortunately (or maybe that’s a good thing).

Today I went to the library to look through the archives of the paper for a feature called ‘ This week in…’. It was really strange to see what was being wrote about all those years ago and how little the format of the paper has changed. It was also strange to think of chief reporter Chris Griffin as a young reporter in 1985. I can’t imagine the day I’ll be able to say I’ve been a reporter for 25+ years, it’ll be amazing!

Best news ever! I got  TWO bylines! I can’t believe it! I’ve wanted this for so long and now it’s finally happened 😀 it has released a whole new wave of confidence and determination in me, I can’t wait for my experience with the Big Issue now. I also have articles on the website. Does this count as digital experience?

What I learned

  • ALWAYS ask how names are spelled. I interviewed ‘Alison Bailey’ whose name was actually spelled ‘Baillie’
  • Call, call, call. I was trying all week to get hold of a lady I had to interview and was giving up until I decided to leave a message with her manager who told me she was away for two weeks and not one like he originally thought.

My experience at the Messenger has been so fulfilling. Not only have I learned a lot about journalism but I also found out about lots of websites and courses that would be good for my career as well as events going on in the community that I would enjoy on a social level.