Do people still have diaries?

Do you still write in a diary? What do you write? Do you call it a journal to sound more grown up?

I currently am writing in a diary but it’s about a specific event (that I’m not going to tell you about, you’ll have to read my new blog) so it’s more like an account,a memory bank for future reference.

It’s different to the diaries I had when I was young(er!) that started off with daily accounts of every. single. mundane. thing. I. did and then got a little juicier and then far too explicit and super cringey, so much so that I threw those away! Some memories are meant to stay in the mind, they’d be dangerous if read!

Even though I don’t have a diary in the typical sense right now, I find a lot of the time that writing down my thoughts and feelings releases stress and pent up anxiety. Even keeping an appointment diary pen and paper style rather than on my phone makes me feel in better control of my day to day goings on.

My point is, I think keeping a diary is a great thing, no matter your age. 


Just a quickie

Just a quickie to say hi and happy New Year!

I haven’t blogged since June which is really really bad.

I haven’t intentionally abandoned this blog and so shall continue to write for the few followers that have stuck with me, I’ll get my old ones back and gain new readers!

I have an idea for a new blog that I’m going to start soon, watch this space 🙂

I’m going to be more regular with posts on this one. I wrote plenty but never got around to sharing with you, sorry 😦

That’s it for now. now I’ve started there’s so much more I want to say but I have to be up in six hours so now is not a good time.


P.S as if ‘blog’ still comes up as a spelling mistake!