The wanderlust is strong

So in my post about York I said I wouldn’t be going away this year but it’s looking like that is going to change.

November will mark 10 years since my partner and I officially became an item and it was always the plan to go away for this.

Having baby number 2 pretty much shattered my dream of a little 10-14 day backpacking tour of Europe (Paris, Rome/Venice, Berlin, Madrid/Barcelona, Amsterdam) and I wasn’t comfortable with bringing a baby under 1 year old on a plane but all of this dreary weather and resulting illness has made me have a rethink.

Apparently babies as young as two weeks old can travel on a plane. I personally would NEVER bring such a young child on a plane but hey ho. An eight month old, which is what this little one will be come November, doesn’t seem so bad.

Though people do travel the world with their little ones, my other half can’t even manage a trip to York without at least two major stress outs along the way, so the thought of being on trains and in hostels etc with the kids as we check out stereotypically popular cities around Europe is quite frankly terrifying.

Rather, I’m happy to settle for a week in the sun in one place.

Here’s where I need your help O wise travel bloggers, mummy bloggers, hoteliers…where is family friendly and warm in November?

This met office site I came across recommended this top 10. The bottom half of the list is quite appealing to me. Have any of you been on a family holiday to any of these places?

A family holiday is nice and all but I’d still like it to be special for me and boo thang (10 years, remember?) So child friendly but great for adults too e.g. a spa or nice restaurant, professional photographer…something he and I can do to truly mark our decade together.

So let me know where you’ve been or would like to go and why.



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