July: Monthly roundup

Birthday celebrations

July started with a bang in the form of my son’s 3rd birthday. We didn’t do anything major for it, just blew out candles and opened presents in front of the grandparents but because my boy knows what birthdays are now it was really special. He hasn’t stopped singing Happy Birthday since though!


Cinema trip…pin’!

How expensive is cinema!? Saw Spiderman: Homecoming at Cineworld in Parrs Wood. I haven’t been to the complex in years, that coupled with me having turned into an old lady left me shocked and confused that there were no humans to buy tickets from, instead we were forced to spend almost £30 on two adult and one child tickets to a later showing because we were five minutes late to our original choice. Anyway, back to the film- I think it made Spiderman look like a chump but overall it was a good film, funny in parts and of course the boy loved it and has been flicking imaginary spidey web from his wrists ever since.

A couple of weeks later we finally saw Despicable M3 which wasn’t great but AMC cinema in central Manchester had a human that gave us a family ticket which was £10 cheaper (so meant more popcorn).

Me time

I was able to grab an hour for myself on a Saturday morning and used it to attend my first parkrun in almost a year. I’m glad to report that not much has changed regarding my time and I ran a minute quicker the following week which was great.

Family fun

‘Me time’ was short-lived and so it was back to *Operation Entertain the Kid this time with a visit to Jurassic Kingdom at Philips Park in east Manchester. The bigger kid was scared at first but getting him to sit on a dinosaur bench and a little ride on another soon warmed him up to those magnificent beasts.

We ended July on a high by going to see Paw Patrol Live!. I think I was more excited than the kids but we all had a great time (despite me refusing to spend £15 on a light with a sticker of a dog on it, memorabilia ain’t what it used to be) followed by homemade pizza and, you guessed it, more episodes of Paw Patrol.


I hope you enjoyed this post, whenever you get to read it. I imagine we’ll be in the thick of the summer holidays by the time it goes live and I’ll be as behind as ever.

* this will be referred to as OpEK from now on.


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